Leadership Qualities – Playing Cat and Mouse with Business Success

Leadership Qualities – Why Play Cat and Mouse with Business Success?

Welcome to Ichiban’s first newsletter of 2017.  During January 2017, we focused on leadership qualities and improving capability. I am passionate about improving leadership in procurement and business and it is close to my heart. Therefore in 2017 you will hear more from me about it, especially about procurement leadership and business leadership.

Leadership transforms business

In my opinion, leadership qualities form the foundation of business.

Leaders possess the capability to transform marginal businesses into top performers and industry leaders.

One example of a transformative leader in our opinion is Walt Disney.

Not many people do not know of Walt Disney or The Walt Disney Company.

Even though Walt Disney passed away in 1966, he remains a very central figure in the history of animation.

With his focus, determination, alliances and most importantly courage, he transformed a minor studio  into a multinational leisure industry giant and leader.

And to think, it all started with a mouse and the ability to imagine a future where this little mouse made an amazing difference.

What an amazing difference did the little mouse make!

Leadership qualities – courage, judgment and proven competence

Walt Disney firmly believed in the value of leadership and the importance of leadership qualities.

“Leadership means that a group, large or small, is willing to entrust authority to a person who has shown judgment, wisdom, personal appeal, and proven competence.”

“Courage is the main quality of leadership, in my opinion, no matter where it is exercised. Usually it implies some risk — especially in new undertakings. Courage to initiate something and to keep it going, pioneering and adventurous spirit to blaze new ways…”

Leadership is not an overnight success

Leadership takes hard work, dedication, perspiration (yes, I meant perspiration) and lots of inspiration to keep going. It certainly is not an overnight success story.

Walt Disneys’ early years included losing his job, closing companies down because of financial stress, a nervous breakdown and a number of trial and errors until his first Academy Award in 1935 for a short cartoon, Flowers and Trees, in technicolour.

His leadership success in business took many years and many fall downs before he could claim success.

The same applies to leadership – it is not an overnight success story.  It takes courage not to sit back and wait for things to happen but to lead.

Sometimes leaders fall but leaders grow and become even better leaders and greater inspiration for others.

Leadership is not a game of cat and mouse

Business cannot afford to play cat and mouse with their leadership or think that leaders will pop out the most amazing ideas without any investment or recognition.

Leadership takes recognition of and investment in leaders to nurture and grow their leadership qualities and capabilities.

It takes investment in order to expand the minds and imagination of leaders so that they can innovate and improve your business success.

In Walt Disney’s case, he had a  little mouse, courage, a curious mind and he surrounded himself with talent.  He dared to lead even when others called him crazy.

What will you do in 2017 for your leaders?

Play cat and mouse? Call them back into their box?

Or invest in them?

I look forward to hearing what you plan to do.

Until next month!

Have a great day!

Celia Jordaan

About the Author:

Celia Jordaan has more than 30 years international and corporate experience and worked in the areas of procurement, tenders, supply chain, contract management, law and risk. She works with business of all sizes and industries, procurement leaders and teams to develop and implement strategies to boost business performance, make tendering easy and improve bottom line performance.

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