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Removing the Pain and Creating Simple Procurement Solutions

Ichiban Commercial Solutions is a procurement advisory firm.

We work with government, business and procurement leaders and business owners in the areas of procurement, tendering and contract management, making sure that both buyers and sellers deliver best value for money.

At Ichiban Commercial Solutions, we work with you to find procurement solutions that make commercial sense, are simple and practical whilst develop your competitive and innovative advantage.

We also work in the area of Indigenous Procurement, supporting procurement teams to improve Indigenous Procurement opportunities.

Our Procurement Solutions


Industry best practice shows leading procurement teams achieve 7.5 times their cost in value through cost savings and efficiency improvements.

What results are your procurement achieving?

Do you need assistance with benchmarking your procurement team’s performance or improving their effectiveness?



Are you looking to grow your business but don’t know if you have the right business capability?

Do you need assistance with your business planning to develop your strategy for business growth?

Do you need someone with a fresh set of eyes to facilitate your business planning|strategic sessions to get your people to think outside the box?



How do you know if your business is ready or not to tender?

Do you need assistance with preparing, submitting, evaluation and/or negotiation of tenders?

Have you tried your hand with tenders but gave up in frustration but you are now ready to try again?

Do you need to create tenders and quotes to go out to your suppliers?

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Why Choose Us

Practical, Hands-On Approach

Our procurement, business and tendering solutions are practical, real and take into consideration business constraints and opportunities.

Best Value for Money

We can support your business to demonstrate best value for money as we understand what it actually means and how to demonstrate it.

Leading Procurement

We engage, consult and use our previous experience to build leaders in procurement, work with women in procurement and build much needed capability in procurement teams.

What Our Clients Say

Celia Jordaan is one of those once in a lifetime connections you make. She has an uncanny ability to connect with others and a deep sense of intuition that I see as one of her greatest strengths, alongside being practical, insightful and wonderfully professional. 

Caryn Walsh

Director, Pure Magic International Business Solutions

Celia Jordaan provided excellent support and guidance during a tender that I prepared. I found Celia to be very knowledgable and informative, which helped me developing some new skills and building my business.

Kim Kristoffersen

Business Owner

Celia has great integrity and as a freelance consultant she impressed me with her practical and friendly approach.

Great experience and knowledge in procurement that includes process improvement, negotiations, tendering and best business practice.

Sherryn McBride

Small Business Marketing, MarketingTalk

Celia has always demonstrated a high level of trust and integrity in all our dealings. This has led to building a strong supplier/ customer relationship that has enabled open and honest communication to provide a very positive win/win for both our organisations.

Karel van Coller

Business Development, Clear Edge Filtration

Celia is fun to work with. She’s got a serious side but she enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious. She can size up a situation quickly and accurately, and her commercial training shows through in her ability to ask the right sort of questions to get to the bottom of an issue. I’d happily work with her again.

Mike Miller



As a procurement consultant, Celia is an expert in her field. She is knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Thank you Celia for helping us and our clients through the Tendering Process!

Robert Nathan

Director, Australian Tenders

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