As a procurement specialist with more than 28 years experience working both in procurement and with suppliers (on the other side of the fence), we know that procurement has to be done differently in order for business to succeed and grow.

The focus for procurement has to be on delivering competitive and innovative procurement solutions that will make a difference to your business bottomline and delivers business success.

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Building Business Capability for Business Growth

What Our Clients Say

  • "Celia Jordaan is one of those once in a lifetime connections you make. She has an uncanny ability to connect with others and a deep sense of intuition that I see as one of her greatest strengths, alongside being practical, insightful and wonderfully professional. I have found her to be supportive and encouraging and constantly interested in the business I am running and providing countless ways to help it grow. A top performer. I truly would not go past her. It is a pleasure to both know, and work with her. "
    Caryn Walsh
    Pure Magic Business Solutions
  • "As a procurement consultant, Celia is an expert in her field. She is knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Thank you Celia for helping us & our clients through the Tendering Process!"
    Robert Nathan
    Australian Tenders
  • Celia Jordaan provided excellent support and guidance during a recent tender that I prepared. I found Celia to be very knowledgable and informative, which helped me developing some new skills and building my business.
    Kim Kristoffersen
  • "Celia quickly grasped the contractual issues I was dealing with,  she showed great insight and depth of professional commercial knowledge. This helped turn a difficult negotiation into a practical solution, culminating in a successful outcome."
    Amanda Wright
    Health and Wellness Entrepeneur
  • "Celia has great integrity and as a freelance consultant she impressed me with her practical and friendly approach.  Great experience and knowledge in procurement that includes process improvement, negotiations, tendering and best business practice. " Sherryn McBride MarketingTalk
    Sherryn McBride
  • Celia nailed Reconciliation Action Procurement Plans! She sliced and diced RAP, RAPP and procurement to its initial stages. Clearly to explain the reasons for its birth, how it has evolved over the years and its ongoing journey of success and failures. She has: - 1) gently held the hands of the next generation of procurements graduates to lead them in the right direction; 2) nudged awake the current procurement workforce with a refresher course; 3) advised organisations, employers, State and Commonwealth Governments that if they are going to talk the talk, they should walk the walk ; 4) reminded that it is everyone's responsibility to play a part to ensure the gap is closed; and 5) demonstrated that if an organisation implemented and monitored each of the above steps, they will have on-going success without a doubt.
    Omesh Jethwani
  • Celia's Effective Risk Management Training was engaging and enabled me to immediately adopt the content.
    Mariska V.
  • "Celia and I worked together, implementing a number of full life cycle, complex contracts. In particular, Celia directly contributed outstanding contract design ability and a knowledgeable and rigorous contract resolution where required. " Tony Dopheide Managing Principal Consultant Pacific Project Consultants
    Tony Dopheide
    Pacific Project Consultants
  •   Celia is very proactive in managing contracts, driving the implementation of changes and/ or improvements along with ensuring monitoring contract performance and providing feedback through agreed contract review meetings. Communication and feedback through all stages has been very constructive and has allowed both parties to gain the maximum benefit from the contract.
    Karel vC
    Filtration Specialist
  • Pragmatic, value-adding service is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Celia Jordaan.  I was impressed with Celia’s ability to calmly, yet efficiently take on new projects that were both difficult and time critical; she was able to deliver win-win outcomes. She builds lasting relationships and approaches negotiations in a fair and reasonable manner. 
    Robert Pink
    Perigee Group Pty Ltd
  • "Celia is a seasoned professional. She operates with integrity and honesty and always strives for 'win-win' outcomes for all parties involved. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Celia as part of any organisation who wants to effectively manage their supply chain and the associated risks." Matt Smith Secora Consulting
    Matt Smith
  • "Celia understands the critical business outcomes that are needed to sustain strategic contracts during a continuously evolving production and economic landscape. As turnaround specialist driving long term collaborative partnerships, Celia’s approach proved vital and effective in a highly marginal business where vendors often held monopoly." Beth McKenzie Chief Financial Officer
    Beth McKenzie
  • "Celia and I worked together, implementing a number of full life cycle, complex contracts. In particular, Celia directly contributed outstanding contract design ability and a knowledgeable and rigorous contract resolution where required." Tony Dopheide Managing Principal Consultant Pacific Project Consultants
    Tony Dopheide
    PPC Project Consultants
  • "Celia is fun to work with. She's got a serious side but she enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious. She can size up a situation quickly and accurately, and her commercial training shows through in her ability to ask the right sort of questions to get to the bottom of an issue. I'd happily work with her again." Mike Miller Mike Miller Consulting Services
    Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Consulting Services
  • Celia has always demonstrated a high level of trust and integrity in all our dealings. This has led to building a strong supplier/ customer relationship that has enabled open and honest communication to provide a very positive win/win for both our organisations. She keeps her eye on the goal and manages the negotiation process very well to ensure that a successful outcome is reached for her business yet not compromising the relationship between supplier /customer.
    Karel van Coller
    Filtration Specialist

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