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Feedback and testimonials from clients on the procurement, tendering and contract management support , solutions and training provided to them by Ichiban Commercial Solutions. Have a great day!

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Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile What People Say

I am certainly more confident since being at your courses.  My knowledge and understanding of tendering have increased drastically because of you.

We just won the City of Joondalup tender for supply and deliver, I received 77.3% and our closest competitor was 65% against the criteria, so I was pretty happy, but can do better.  Also, that was submitted before your last workshop, so I will aim for at least 80% next tender.

I am so glad I was fortunate and able to attend your workshops, tendering is so important to our business, I want to win as many as I can.  I actually enjoy the challenge now.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile What People Say
Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile What People Say

“I know we’ve said it before, but Lisa and I really are so appreciative of your hard work and your enthusiasm. You’re doing a wonderful job, and it’s so lovely to see it reflected in these comments.​”

“One of the two standout training sessions were Tendering Masterclass with Celia Jordaan. I have attended every free workshop available through SBDC in May and June and these are the 2 stand out workshops.  These trainers/presenters are high calibre in their presentation skills and content, in my mind they are an asset to your business and your brand. Thank you for this equity of access to superior training/ presentation/ workshops.​”
Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile What People Say

“Celia is fun to work with. She’s got a serious side but she enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious. She can size up a situation quickly and accurately, and her legal training shows through in her ability to ask the right sort of questions to get to the bottom of an issue. I’d happily work with her again”

“Celia builds lasting relationships and approaches negotiations in a fair and reasonable manner. Celia would be a true asset to assist any business requiring her procurement and risk management skills.”

"Celia Jordaan provided excellent support and guidance during a recent tender that I prepared. I found Celia to be very knowledgable and informative, which helped me developing some new skills and building my business. "

Kim Kristoffersen | Start Consulting

" Celia Jordaan is one of those once in a lifetime connections you make. She has an uncanny ability to connect with others and a deep sense of intuition that I see as one of her greatest strengths, alongside being practical, insightful and wonderfully professional. I have found her to be supportive and encouraging and constantly interested in the business I am running and providing countless ways to help it grow. A top performer. I truly would not go past her. It is a pleasure to both know, and work with her. "

Caryn Walsh | Pure Magic International Business Solutions

"Celia quickly grasped the contractual issues I was dealing with, she showed great insight and depth of professional commercial knowledge. This helped turn a difficult negotiation into a practical solution, culminating in a successful outcome. I have no hesitation recommending Celia to anyone."

Amanda W. | Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

"As a procurement consultant, Celia is an expert in her field. She is knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Thank you Celia for helping us and our clients through the Tendering Process! "

Robert Nathan | Australian Tenders

"Celia keeps her eye on the goal and manages the negotiation process very well to ensure that a successful outcome is reached for her business yet not compromising the relationship between supplier /customer. There is no doubt Celia has a strong ability to negotiate."

Karel vC. | Clear Edge Filtration Group
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Practical, Hands-On Approach

Our procurement, business and tendering solutions are practical, real and take into consideration business constraints and opportunities.

Best Value for Money

We can support your business to demonstrate best value for money as we understand what it actually means and how to demonstrate it.

Leading Procurement

We engage, consult and use our previous experience to build leaders in procurement, work with women in procurement and build much needed capability in procurement teams.