Tendering Workshops – An Opportunity for Developing Small Business

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July 23, 2018
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Tendering Workshops – An Opportunity for Developing Small Business

As part of the recently awarded contract panel for the Small Business Development Corporation’s Business Local programme, we have the incredible opportunity to deliver workshops to small business.  The purpose of the panel is to support small business in the Perth metropolitan through skills development.  We have the privilege to present risk and tendering workshops.

We completed the first set of workshops during July and August 2018. Sometimes with interesting challenges – venues with no cups. Alarms that go off and just do not want to cooperate.

But in the end, notwithstanding some of the small obstacles along the way, the real validation of the value and the need for the workshops, come from the feedback during and after the workshops.

Tendering Workshops – focusing on the tendering journey

We set the tendering workshops up to cover different levels of tendering maturity:

Introduction to Tendering

This workshop provides an introductory overview of tendering.  We work through a real tender in order to get a feel for what a tender is and what is required to get ready to tender.

Ready to Tender

This workshop is where we roll our sleeves up and get in to do some serious tender writing.  Armed with handy tips, examples, tables and examples, we work through all the different elements of writing a winning tender.

Tendering Masterclass

This workshop focuses on small businesses who have been tendering for some time but have key areas that they cannot address or cannot work out why you are not winning tenders.  It gives businesses an opportunity to bring their own tendering questions to the workshop and have them reviewed and answered by a procurement expert.

The workshops have been set up to build the tendering skills of businesses of all different maturity and expertise.  Basically, it covers the whole tendering journey.

In addition to the tendering workshops, we also present a workshop on managing risk in small business.

Feedback from our tendering workshops

The feedback from the workshops to date has been so good.  It is rewarding to see that the workshops can and will make a difference.

What did participants like most about the training:

Out of the box concepts.


Ability to break down (tendering) into simple lay man terms.


Easy to follow, understand and the workbook gave a starting point to write a tender.


Tailored to everyone’s business.


Open forum discussion.


The practical aspects covered by the trainer was much appreciated.


Hands on activity worksheets, information on systems and checks.


Great knowledge and expertise – using examples and open to questions.


Everyone contributed.

More to come

The Business Local program is a new program and the panel gets the opportunity to run the skills development workshops over the next three years.

The success of the program depends on small business’ support.

Therefore, please share and tell as many small businesses in the Perth metropolitan area.

The next workshops include:

Ready to Tender – 6 September 2018: Book here>>

Managing Risk in Small Business – 19 September 2018: Book here>>

Please book and share. The workshops present a great opportunity to develop the skills of small business.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Enjoy your day!

Celia Jordaan

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