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Ichiban Commercial Solutions Tendering Resources

Tendering Resources

Checklists and Example Tables – Free Downloads and Products for Purchase

Our tendering resources focus on reducing the pain and headaches from tender planning, preparation and submission. We know that many small businesses cannot afford someone to pay to write their tenders. Understanding that you cannot always afford assistance, where we are charging for templates, the focus is on recovering administrative and technology costs.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Tendering Ready Checklists Tendering Resources

Tendering Ready Checklists - Free Download

Check organisational maturity and readiness to tender and whether you meet the general compliance criteria typically requested in government tenders.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Similar Experience Table example Tendering Resources

Similar Experience Table - Purchase

The Similar Experience Table example is set up to assist organisations with providing information on relevant experience in a table format in government tenders.

Please note that this template is not a free download but the pricing is set to be affordable for small business.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Value for Money reference guide Tendering Resources

Value for Money Reference Guide - Free Download

Understanding the requirements of value for money and whole-of-life cost requirements in government tendering in order to  stand out from your competitors.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Key Personnel Table example Tendering Resources

Key Personnel Table - Purchase

The key personnel experience table is set up to assist organisations with providing personnel’s similar experience  in a table format for government tenders.

Please note that this template is not a free download but the pricing is set to be affordable for small business.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Tendering Resources Ready to Tender Review

Ready to Tender Review



We use our Tendering Ready Maturity Assessment tool to determine whether your business is ready to tender.

The tendering maturity assessment benchmarks your business and identifies your business maturity in terms of demonstrating capability, gaps in systems/processes and improve your understanding on what is required to be tender ready.

The Tendering Ready Maturity Assessment includes a questionnaire to be completed by yourself and a report with recommendations for improvement. The report will identify the gaps/recommendations for improvement based upon priority and practicality for your business.

The price is $249.00 excluding GST.

Purchase Our Capability Statement Template Today

User-friendly Capability Statement Template and Guideline

Our user-friendly, do-it-yourself capability statement template and user guide have been developed to assist you to ultimately write a customer focused capability statement.

What do you receive as part of our package?

As part of your purchase, you will receive three documents:

  1. Do-it-Yourself User Guide for completing your Capability Statement
  2. Capability Statement Template – Word document; and finally
  3. Capability Statement Template – PDF version.
Ichiban Commercial Solutions Tendering Resources Capability Statement Template

How much does it cost?

$199.00 including GST for the complete bundle.

More Tendering Resources, Tips and Tricks

Read our blog for more tendering resources, tips and tricks to Improve your tendering success.

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