Tender Preparation – Using Demonstration Tenders to Practise Tender Downloads and Uploads

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Tender preparation

Tender Preparation : Using Demonstration Tenders to Practise Tender Downloads and Uploads

Do you work really hard on your tender preparation to make sure you create the perfect tender response?

And then run out of time to successfully upload your tender because of technical glitches, or forgetting your password, or a changed password? Or even a slow internet upload speed turning your submission into a snail’s pace upload, causing your tender not to be uploaded in time?

This happens.

It even happened to me (snail’s pace internet speed, how do I wish that I had just that 10 more seconds!!).

I know with some of my clients, it has happened too.

It hopefully only happens once and then you learn the most important lesson – get your tender uploaded well before!

Maybe even…. have you never tried your hand at downloading or uploading a tender? Or does the idea of having to download tenders or upload tenders online scare you away from tenders? You certainly are not alone.

Well, then this post is for you.

Tender Preparation – making sure that you do not hit a technical glitch.

Many of the government tender websites have demonstration tenders available. This is the golden opportunity to have a look at what a tender looks like and to practise the online stuff without having the time pressures of a real tender.

The purpose of these demonstration tenders is to:

  • work out if you can download the tender documentation;
  • allow you to practise uploading your tender documents

similar to how you would with a “real” tender.

The demonstration tender allows you to practise two things and two things only:

  • download and
  • upload


To do both of these actions, you need to have a:

  • username; and
  • password.

If you do not have a username and password, you will not be able to download or upload any documents.

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Practice Makes the Impossible Possible

Tenders WA recently re-issued their demonstration tender:

DEMOTENDER1111A Demonstration Tender to Practise Tender Downloads and Uploads.

The tender “closes” at Tuesday, 31 December 2019 at 2h30 pm Perth, Western Australia. All of the tendering agency websites provide a closing date far into the future – as the demonstration tender provides a look and feel opportunity and is not a real tender, thus there is no “real” closing date.

Have you never downloaded a tender?

Or had to upload an tender?

And do you want to know if you can?

Then the Tenders WA demonstration tender is where you can practise these steps.

The demonstration tender is perfect to practise your tender downloading and uploading, notwithstanding whether your business is located in Western Australia or if you will not upload a tender in Western Australia.

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Look and feel

tender preparation examplesThe demonstration tender set up provides an opportunity to see what a tendering agency normally includes as part of any tender.

Similar to a “real” tender, the demonstration tender contains a number of areas:

  • Firstly “General tender information” – this includes the status of the tender, the tender number, the category and the region;
  • Secondly “Enquiries” – for technical support (not questions about the content of the tender);
  • Thirdly “Description” – short description of the tender
  • Fourthly “Responses” – closing date for the tender and the link to upload the tender; and
  • Finally “Specification documents” – showing the documents available for downloading.

Ultimately, the response and specification sections provide you the “look and feel” opportunity as part of your tender preparation and planning to practise downloading and uploading of documents.

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To summarise: Demonstration tenders and tender preparation

Demonstration tenders serve the purpose to provide you with the opportunity to:

  • get an understanding of what a tender looks like;
  • practise the downloading and uploading of documents; and also
  • run through the sign up process of registering yourself/your business in the system.

as part of your tender preparation and planning.

“Sincere practice, makes the impossible possible.” Dada Vaswani

Contact Ichiban today to work with your business on preparing, responding and submitting your tenders.  We also work with your business to do health check to see if your business is tender ready.

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For more information on our tendering packages, click here.

Have a great day!

Celia Jordaan

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