6 Steps to Take your Project Procurement to the Next Level

6 Steps to Take your Project Procurement to the Next Level

I recently provided comment on how to bring project procurement process to the next level as part of a panel of experts. The article explains techniques you should use, actions you should take and mindset you should have to succeed.

It is quite interesting to comment on such a broad and quite complicated area in 150 or less words.

What to do to take your project procurement to the next level?

#1 Understand project have tight deadlines and you need to find solutions

#2 Projects are about being part of a team

#3 Scoping makes the difference

#4 Value existing vendor relationships

#5 Avoid being stuck on contract negotiations

#6 Effective communication

6 Steps to Take your Project Procurement to the Next Level

Projects – deadlines and finding solutions

Understand that projects have tight deadlines and procurement is always underestimated.
Toughen up and find solutions.
Trust me, the project manager does not have the time to hold anyone’s hand.  Best be prepared, go the extra mile and make sure that you find smart solutions. You cannot have the same mindset on a project as you have with operations.  Understand the deadlines and find diligent fir-for-purpose ways to procure effectively.

Projects – being part of a team

 Work with the project team to determine what is critical, long lead and non-critical.
Agree milestones and hold people accountable.
Procurement provides a service to the project team, but is no doormat. Agree timelines and quality and hold people accountable.

The Scope determines your success (and stress levels)

Stand your ground on detailed scopes, the project team will groan but a clear scope avoids unnecessary variations and claims.
In my personal experience, it is really helpful if you have a project manager that is even more pedantic and prescriptive on the quality of scopes and specifications.  Detailed, clear scopes are a non-negotiable.

Make use of existing providers

Make use of existing providers where possible. They know your operation and will be more loyal because they know there is work after the project. This way you can focus on long lead and critical path procurement.

Don’t get stuck on contract negotiations

Get fit-for-purpose contract templates that don’t require endless negotiations. Start closer to the middle ground because that is where you will end up in any event.

Project Procurement – all about communication

Communicate, communicate, communicate.
Communicate as you go including project approvers. There is nothing more frustrating than having to salvage contract negotiations at number ninety-nine because an approver came up with a sudden “brainwave”.
It will happen but the more you communicated, the smaller the chance is that you will have to redesign your procurement process due to someone’s brainwave.

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