Procurement Services

Procurement Leadership

Is your Procurement leading or struggling to show results?

Industry best practice shows leading procurement teams achieve 7.5 times their cost in value through cost savings and efficiency improvements.

What results are your procurement achieving?

We work to find, develop and mentor procurement leaders.

We work with you and your team to find procurement solutions that will be sustainable, collaborative and will add value to your business. We align your procurement with the business vision and strategy in order to achieve sustainable cost savings and margin improvements AND make a real difference.

Our services include:

  • Procurement Health Check - Using our extensive procurement, risk and business experience, we have developed a procurement health check that determines your procurement performance and provides you with a roadmap for success.
  • Procurement Quarterly Review - Working with your procurement team in a quarterly group coaching session to assess areas for improvement, set meaningful targets and measure success.
  • Procurement Leaders - Procurement can be a very demanding and procurement leaders can find it difficult to see the wood for the trees. We mentor your existing and upcoming procurement leaders on a monthly one-on-one basis.
  • Contract and Commercial Negotiations- in order to achieve the best negotiated outcome for our clients and allows a greater understanding of terms and conditions and risks/exposures for our clients
  • Procurement Process - We are experienced in developing, implementing and auditing procure to pay processes and will work with you to determine a fit-for-purpose solution is to maximise value for money. Procurement provides service to the business and procurement should deliver results that will lower costs for the business and deliver effective results.

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Working with you to develop your PROCUREMENT LEADERSHIP to deliver Results.

"Great experience and knowledge in procurement that includes process improvement, negotiations, tendering and best business practice.….."

Business Capability

Are you looking to grow your business through tendering but don't know if you have the right business capability?

Do you need assistance with your business planning to including tendering as part of your strategy for business growth?

We are often asked what the business capability requirements are for successful tendering; for us business growth is important and we therefore always make time to speak to business owners on both the pro's and con's of tendering.

Through the use of our business framework tool, we can benchmark your business capability and provide you with recommendations for improvement. With our extensive experience, not only in tenders and procurement, but in many other areas of business, we can assist you with working out where the gaps are and what needs to be done to close those gaps.

We can help you develop your business capability in the following areas:

  • Business Framework Review - we utilise our business framework tool to benchmark your business capability;
  • Strategic Business Planning Sessions - we utilise our extensive experience in facilitating risk and brainstorming workshops to help you with your business planning;
  • Capability Statements and Portfolio's - it sometimes is so much easier to let someone else tell the story of your business and what you can do;
  • Training and coaching -empowering you and your personnel to effectively manage tendering and procurement within your business.

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Every day you delay building your business capability, you delay your opportunity for business growth!

"We have been fortunate to have been guided by Celia and Ichiban on many occasions and would never have had the insight Celia provided."

Tendering for Success

Do you know if your business is ready to tender?

Do you need assistance with preparing, submitting, evaluation and/or negotiation of tenders?

We assist small and medium business with compiling and submitting tenders; setting up your own tendering processes and templates. With our experience, working on both sides of the procurement fence, not only do we understand business but we can use our "procurement speak" to demonstrate your business experience and capability.

Our services and packages include:

  • Tendering Diagnostics - we use our diagnostic tool to determine whether your business is ready to tender to private business or local/state government.
  • Tender Writing - We assist business with the preparation, review and submission of public and private tenders.
  • Tender Preparation - assisting business with the development of tenders that are clear and to the point in order to get the best results and solutions from suppliers.
  • Scope writing - the best tenders are the ones that have a clear scope or specification, we can assist with preparing scopes that are clear and will avoid variations

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Working with YOU to GROW your business through TENDERING.

"Celia saved our business about twenty years in time by helping us find our feet in tendering."


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