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Natural Leadership Impacts the Bottomline

Natural Leadership Impacts the Bottomline

Natural Leadership Impacts the Bottomline Welcome to our October 2016 newsletter.   A number of years ago, I found a speech (" A Tough Challenge Leading People") given by Don Argus (previously chairman of BHPBilliton) on leadership challenges.  The speech always...

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Industry best practice shows leading procurement teams achieve 7.5 times their cost in value through cost savings and efficiency improvements.

What results are your procurement achieving?

Do you need assistance with benchmarking your procurement team’s performance or improving their effectiveness?



Are you looking to grow your business but don’t know if you have the right business capability?

Do you need assistance with your business planning to develop your strategy for business growth?

Do you need someone with a fresh set of eyes to facilitate your business planning and strategic sessions to get your people to think outside the box?



How do you know if your business is ready or not to tender?

Do you need assistance with preparing, submitting, evaluation and/or negotiation of tenders?

Have you tried your hand with tenders but gave up in frustration but you are now ready to try again?

Do you need to create tenders and quotes to go out to your suppliers?

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