Know How the Cookie Crumbles, 7 Key Ingredients to Intellectual Property

Know How the Cookie Crumbles – 7 Key Ingredients to Intellectual Property

We are very excited to share with you the release of our eBook: Know How the Cookie Crumbles – 7 Key Ingredients to Intellectual Property.

Do you have a secret family recipe?

Maybe you have an innovative concept or invention that is unique to you?

Or you have to work with or negotiate around intellectual property?

Intellectual property is your point of difference that makes your service or product unique and different from anyone else’s.

It is your secret recipe.

Intellectual property is worth something and, in some cases, it is worth millions. Intellectual property in Know How the Cookie Crumblesits simplest form is worth understanding, managing and protecting. In my opinion, even the most complicated idea, invention or innovation can be broken down into its basic ingredients and secret recipe.

Many families have these secret recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Notwithstanding how you pull and prod, you will not get the recipe or the secret ingredients.

Know How the Cookie Crumbles

“Know How the Cookie Crumbles” came about because I like to keep things simple and explain them in simple terms. I also have a wicked sense of humour.

I use the concept of my secret family recipe to explain intellectual property and to show you what you should consider as part of the make-up and ingredients of your intellectual property.

In “Know How the Cookie Crumbles”, you will discover 7 key ingredients to intellectual property. The lessons learned from Grandma and her amazing oat cookies (the cookies are real and really amazing) form the basis of the book.

Grandmas “Know How the Cookie Crumbles”.

Grandma used, for most part, the same ingredients as anyone else did. Yet her cookies were different. Her cookies were yummy and you wanted to have “just one more” until there were no more cookies left.

In the same way that we crumble Grandma’s cookies in “Know How the Cookie Crumbles”, one can “crumble” Intellectual Property and make it palatable.

By applying the principles in this eBook and remembering the story I share with you about Grandma’s secret recipe, you will be able to understand what makes up your intellectual property and how to protect and manage it in a way that is right for you.

Know How the Cookie Crumbles

I look forward to sharing Grandma’s story with you.

Grandma Knows How the Cookie Crumbles…. So should You!

Foreword by Simon Haig

I would like to thank Simon for not only writing a great foreword but giving me some practical tips to include in the eBook. It is great to release one’s first book with an amazing foreword by a great friend, colleague and someone who I call a “serial entrepreneur”! Thank you Simon.

Have a great day!

Celia Jordaan

You can purchase and download “Know How the Cookie Crumbles” below.

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