Celia Jordaan

Celia Jordaan has been part of the dynamic changes in procurement and how we negotiate, contract and purchase. With the changes in the economy and global markets, the dynamics of supply and demand have changed and business can no longer enter into procurement related transactions in the same old way as it has always been done.

Business has to adapt to be successful and be able to survive and still remain profitable.

Procurement cannot happen in the same old way.

With over 20 years of business experience, and more importantly, real-life, hands-on business experience, my view is very different. I appreciate that successful procurement is based on understanding and managing supply and supplier risk, asking questions and looking at alternative ways to do procurement. I understand that

“business should question the traditional ways and find solutions that are fit for purpose and will add tangible value to business. Procurement should play its part in the bigger business team to ensure that both internal and external customer demands are met and exceeded.”

So, who am I?

I am known for my pragmatic, down to earth style; for asking lots of questions in order to develop the right solution. For me it is ultimately about:

  • developing the capability of leaders in procurement and procurement teams;
  • understanding the real issue,
  • working with the correct stakeholders,
  • developing strategic direction and
  • being able to implement the right solution or process

that will in the end make a difference to the bottomline and unlock savings, manage risk exposures and/or increase productivity and make procurement teams thrive.

I focus on desired outcomes, outputs and results, not only from a financial or cost perspective but also taking into consideration service, specification, risk and operational requirements; thus a total cost of ownership approach.

I have worked in different countries, locations and cultures in the areas of procurement, supply chain, contract management, law and risk.

Previously, I worked in the area of risk management, contractor management and safety.

I managed teams and worked both for large and medium sized organisations in mining, manufacturing and education. In addition, I worked with contractors working for larger companies.

Who do I work with?

Running my own business, I provide procurement support and advice to small and medium businesses; it is a real pleasure to work with people who are street and business smart.

 I am working within the not-for-profit sector on the transition from funding to contracting as well as the transition to outcomes based procurement.

It’s a pleasure to work with Indigenous business in procurement where I was tasked to handle dedicated Indigenous procurement.  Although we ring-fenced certain work packs  for Indigenous business,  we did not offer any lenience to simplify the contracts used.  Working with Indigenous business not only did I make a complicated tendering and procurement process manageable and digestible; in addition, I managed to earn trust from the Indigenous businesses as part of the process.

Being passionate about keeping things simple and seeing successful implementation of the recent Indigenous Procurement Policy, I am very active in the promotion of Indigenous Procurement.

I am collaborating with key partners to work with Indigenous business to be able to show value for money as part of the Indigenous Procurement Policy – therefore be able to succeed and grow in business.

I have published a number of articles on the topic.

Procurement Outcomes

Bringing my diverse business experience in the procurement, business and risk field that include process improvement and best business practice, open questioning and pragmatic approach in finding solutions, I believe that I improve procurement outcomes and find sustainable solutions.

I am founder and owner of Ichiban Commercial Solutions Pty Ltd.

Previously I worked as Supply Chain Manager.

I hold BCommLLB degrees from the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa. 

Looking forward to working with you delivering great business outcomes!

Celia Jordaan

For more information on Celia Jordaan’s experience download her consultant biography here.


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