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Business Growth through Procurement Leadership, Business Capability and Tendering

Ichiban Profile

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Pty Ltd is a procurement and risk consultancy firm based in Perth, Western Australia.  


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We believe our service will pay for itself through the savings and efficiencies we will achieve.

We advise and support medium and large business with tenders, contract negotiations, procurement and risk management. We believe that our approach and attitude to negotiating and managing of tenders and procurement enable business to adapt to:

  • the changing demands of lowering prices,
  • attacks on margin and
  • allow business to stay ahead of the game.

Understanding and managing risk in business is an important element of procurement. We have hands-on experience in dealing with risk management in business and in procurement.

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Why Choose Us

Practical, Hands-On Approach

Our procurement, business and tendering solutions are practical, real and take into consideration business constraints and opportunities.

Best Value for Money

We can support your business to demonstrate best value for money as we understand what it actually means and how to demonstrate it.

Leading Procurement

We engage, consult and use our previous experience to build leaders in procurement, work with women in procurement and build much needed capability in procurement teams.