Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile: Finding Procurement Solutions

We are a procurement advisory firm. We advise and support small, medium and large business in the areas of tenders, contract negotiations, procurement and building business capability.

Procurement Done the Right Way

At Ichiban Commercial Solutions, we believe that our approach and attitude to negotiating and managing of tenders, procurement and building business capability enable business to adapt to:

  • find opportunities for business growth;
  • present their business capability, strengths and experience in procurement speak that shows value for money;
  • adapt to the changing demands of lowering prices,
  • improve the performance of procurement teams and

therefore allow business to stay ahead of the game.

We believe our services will pay for itself through the savings and efficiencies we will achieve when working together with our clients.

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile Procurement Solutions
Ichiban Commercial Solutions Profile

What Sets Us Apart?

Ability to Connect

Our ability to connect with people notwithstanding rank or status and the ability to mentor and develop procurement capability because we have been there and know what it takes to succeed;

Collaborative Partnership Approach

Our collaborative partnership negotiation approach resulting in win-win outcomes;

Simple Solutions

Focus on finding simple solutions that will enhance procurement outcomes that are future proof and sustainable;

Cost Savings

Proven success in finding bottomline improvements, achieving cost savings on a total cost of ownership basis;

Diverse Background

Our diverse background and experience not only in procurement and supply chain but also in risk, law, safety and business improvement;

Translate Procurement Speak

Our ability to “translate” complicated procurement concepts into everyday speak.

Let’s Work Together