Business Goal Setting: Take Time to Reflect, Connect and Set Goals

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Business Goal Setting: Take Time to Reflect, Connect and Set Goals Do you take time out to work on your business and reflect on what you have achieved so far?  When you do this, is it with a sense of achievement and are you proud of what you have achieved?  Do you make time to […] Read More

Business Goal Setting: Take Time to Reflect, Connect and Set Goals

Do you take time out to work on your business and reflect on what you have achieved so far?  When you do this, is it with a sense of achievement and are you proud of what you have achieved?  Do you make time to celebrate the big but also the small wins?  Do you make time for business goal setting? The end of a year or the beginning of a new financial year is a great time to reflect and connect.

Gogglebox is a show that manages to pull people in.

A show based around the concept of filming people watching television. Who would have thought it would be such a hit?

To some it is and for others it would be a really gross idea.

Spectators to our own lives

When we are busy and in the midst of everything, work, business, family, relationships  – it can feel as if we are spectators to our own lives, being stuck in the middle of a drama, as if we are being gogglebox’ed.

It may not always make us feel as if we have much control or that we are truly connected.  Someone else decides what the final cut will be, rates our lives and our performance. Someone else decides the advert breaks and when to move onto the next show.

Being part of a television drama,  certainly does not give us much time to stop and reflect. Reflect on how far we have come, on what we have achieved and sometimes just what we survived. It does not allow us to connect. It does not give us time to recognise our courage in spite and despite everything happening!  We sometimes do not even realise that we have a different choice.

Often in business, we become part of the business rat race and have little time for business goal setting.

Business Goal Setting: Time to Reconnect

What will be your business goals for this next financial year?

  • will it be to expand or grow our business;
  • building your brand and values and
  • reconnecting with our clients.

Whatever it is, please make sure that you make time to reflect on the past year and reconnect with those around us.  These days connecting takes on a different form and format.  In the end, it is about connecting and staying in touch.

Working on Your Business: Time to Reflect

One of the things I have learned about my business, is that we always prioritise our clients.  And so we should.

However, that reduces the time that is available to step back, reflect and work on my own business.  For me, it is important to do this as it will actually help my clients better.

I have been dubbed as

“connector of the year”. 

At Ichiban we strive to help our clients be successful; we always try to connect like-minded people and business. When we connect likeminded clients and connections, we assist business to grow, develop and succeed. We assist our clients with business goal setting in order to improve their business capability, success and growth.

Working on my business and business goal setting help focus our attention to the benefit of our clients. Thus, for my business goal setting, it will also include more time to reflect and reconnect.

Business Goal Setting

Setting goals can be difficult at times.  Especially these days with lockdowns and a changing world.

Ever more we need to work out why we do what we do and how it delivers value for our clients.  When business is changing for you, it is in the same way, also changing for your customers. Some areas are speeding up and work is overflowing and other areas is as dull as an unpainted zebra crossing. Through reflecting and connecting, we will work out how the world of our customers is changing and how this impacts all.  And then work on setting up business goals focused on solving our customers’ problems in ways that will reflect delivering best value for money.

Remember: reflect and connect! Make time for business goal setting.

Tips for Goal Setting

Whether you like Gogglebox or not, what matters is whether you are in control of your business goal setting or whether you are a spectator only. Personally, the preference is to be in control and therefore to be the one to set the goals and direction for success.

#1. In setting business goals, it is important to understand the context and “lay of the land” around your business.

Taking the time to reflect and connect, furthermore allows you to work out what your business goals should be, whether it needs to adapt or should stay the same.

Consider areas such as:

  1. How has your market place changed?
  2. Why has your market place changed?
  3. What impacted most on your customers in the changing market place?
  4. How have the problems and requirements of your customers changed?
  5. With all these changes, how has it impacted on your business value proposition?

#2. Plan for Change

In recent times, in business and personal life, we have all had to adjust for changing times.

In business, we need to be flexible and adaptable.

Therefore in your planning, consider items such as:

  1. What impacts are outside your control?
  2. How will change impact your customers?
  3. When change impacts your customers, how will you support them?
  4. How will you manage the impacts of change when (not if) it does happen?

We may not know what the change will be or even the impact, but we certainly need to be aware that change will happen.

#3. Small Steps – Actionable and Achievable

Pick goals that are SMART.  Concepts such as SMART goals are very good but can be somewhat text-book-y.

For us, we like to keep it simple. Focus on:

  1. goals that are actionable and achievable;
  2. can be broken down in small steps;
  3. focus on solving your customers’ problems; and
  4. deliver value.

#4. Review, Reflect and Reconnect

Make time to review your progress against your goals.

Reflect and reconnect on a regular basis.

It is such changing times, the small act of reconnecting could often remind your customers that you care, solve their problems and deliver value to them.

Finally – Spectator or Connector

Not sure whether you like Gogglebox or not.  To us it is all about spectators. No real connection or action.

In your goal setting, decide whether you want to be a spectator or a connector.

I certainly know which we prefer to be and how we prefer to connect with our customers.

Please contact us today, If you have any questions or require support with your business planning, goal setting or procurement leadership development.

Have a great day!

About the Author:

Celia Jordaan has more than 30 years international and corporate experience and worked in the areas of procurement, tenders, supply chain, contract management, law and risk. She works with business of all sizes and industries, procurement leaders and teams to develop and implement strategies to boost business performance, make tendering easy and improve bottom line performance.

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