Goal Setting: Take Time to Reflect, Connect and Set Goals

When you reflect at the end of a year or the beginning of a new year, is it with a sense of achievement and are you proud of what you have achieved?  Do you look back and say – wow!!!   Do you make time to celebrate the big but also the small wins?  Do you make time for goal setting? The end of a year or the beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect and connect.

Gogglebox is a show that manages to pull people in.

A show based around the concept of filming people watching television.

Who would have thought it would be such a hit?

Spectators to our own lives

When we are busy and in the midst of everything, work, business, family, relationships  – it can feel as if we are spectators to our own lives, being stuck in the middle of a drama, as if we are being gogglebox’ed.

It may not always make us feel as if we have much control or that we are truly connected.  Someone else decides what the final cut will be, rates our lives and our performance. Someone else decides the advert breaks and when to move onto the next show.

Being part of a television drama,  certainly does not give us much time to stop and reflect. Reflect on how far we have come, on what we have achieved and sometimes just what we survived. It does not allow us to connect. It does not give us time to recognise our courage in spite and despite everything happening!  We sometimes do not even realise that we have a different choice.

Goal Setting: Time to Reflect and Connect

At Ichiban, the second half of 2015 was about:

  • starting up our procurement business;
  • building our brand and values and
  • connecting with our clients.

What started out as a dream, has become a great reality.

What an amazing experience that is!  I am grateful for all of you and the part you have played.  Some of you are supporters, friends, clients, mentors and some of you don’t event know it but I am grateful for the lessons I learn from you on a daily basis. I am humbled to be surrounded by some many great like-minded people and I thank you for your support in 2015.

Someone has recently dubbed me

“connector of the year”. 

At Ichiban we strive to help our clients be successful; we always try to connect like-minded people and business. When we connect likeminded clients and connections, we assist business to grow, develop and succeed. We assist business with goal setting in order to improve their business capability.

Our wish for you for 2016 is success, joy, happiness and great connections!

Goal Setting

I recently did my own reflection on what went well and what the lessons were for 2015.

Taking time out to work out my goals and plans for 2016, I completed my goal setting.

Have you done the same?

As we wrap up this year, do you know what went well and what the lessons were in 2015?

Do you make time for goal setting?

Do you know what you want for 2016?

Enjoy the break and time spent with family and friends and we look forward to catching up and working with you in 2016 Together we will add value and make 2016 a successful year.

Remember: reflect and connect! Make time for goal setting.

Merry Xmas from Ichiban & Celia!

December 2015


About Celia:

Celia Jordaan is a freelance procurement and risk consultant at Ichiban Commercial Solutions, Perth Western Australia. With over 19 years experience, Celia has worked in different countries, locations and cultures. She worked in the areas of procurement, supply chain, contract management, law and risk.

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