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Our free resources include definitions of general procurement words, useful links and free downloads.

Please let us know if you have any procurement terms that you would like to be added to the list.

What is the Meaning of?

1Big Data
A term used in connection with technology and innovation and refers to large and complex data sets that require more than the normal/traditional data processing applications to make sense of the data.
What is blockchain and why should I know Contracts, transations and processes that execute itself in a decentralised manner using a "blocked" chain of technology as a network of global decentralised source of trust to complete sourcing, financial and other transactions. Blockchain is expected to disrupt the world of traditional finance world. See useful links for more details.
A common occurrence in most contract templates and requires that "confidential information" remains confidential. The information must be 1) confidential in quality and nature and not in the public; 2) it requires an obligation to keep information confidential; and 3) an un-approved use of the information must cause damage to the other party.
A meeting of the minds between two or more parties in which there is a promise to perform in return for consideration. To be a legally binding agreement, it requires 1) an offer, 2) an acceptance of that offer, 3) a promise to perform and consideration for value (either money or the promise to do something). A contract also generally contains a timeframe for performance and the requirement for performance itself.
I like Caroline Howard’s description: “Disruption takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day. Harvard Business School professor and disruption guru Clayton Christensen says that a disruption displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative.”
E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and/or selling of goods and services over an electronic network, primarily the Internet. The transactions occur either business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.
E-Procurement is the term used to describe the system of having an automated web-enabled buying and selling process. The process can include 1) the issue, collection and analysis of request for information, request for quotation; 2) execution and analysis and 3) award of business through reverse auction. E-procurement tools work best when they have all three of these elements.
8 Indemnity
Making an undertaking or promise to pay for the cost of potential loss, damage, injury. In contracts, it is also used in the context of promising to make sure that you would pay the other parties damages, loss or be held responsible for injuries or death.
9Intellectual Property (IP)
IP refers to the creation of intellect/know-how that is unique and can be assigned to designated owners by law. IP rights are covered through various instruments such as copyright, patents, trademarks, trade-secrets, author's rights. It is important to make sure what rights and obligations are agreed to when entering into contracts.
Taking on responsibility for certain obligations under contract
Click here to download our resource on the definition of procurement.
12Procure to Pay
The process of obtaining goods or services from sourcing to payment. A Procure to Pay (P2P) process manages 1) sourcing/buying, 2) receiving/receipting and 3) payment for the goods or services.
13Results Based Accountability (RBA)
Results Based Accountability/Outcomes Based Accountability (RBA) principles. are a framework that provides step-by-step methods that turn data into action and it used in the health care industry. It allows agencies to identify indicators, trends and best practices and develop resultant strategies, action plans, monitoring and measuring. It takes performance from“talk to action”. It uses 7 “performance talk to action” steps and is very useful in procurement as a whole: Step 1: Who are our customers? Step 2: How can we measure if our customers are better off? Step 3: how do we measure if we are delivering our services well? Step 4: How are we doing on the most important measures? Step 5: Who are the partners that have a role to play in doing better? Step 6: What works to do better, including no-cost and low-cost ideas? Step 7: what do we propose to do?
14Risk management
The system to identifies, understand and evaluate and manage risks and opportunities in a business. The management process includes the implementation of controls to prevent or mitigate the risk.
15Standard form Contract
Used in connection with the new law against unfair contract terms in standard form contracts, effective 12/11/2016 protecting small business. A standard form contract is one that has been prepared by one party and where the other party has no real opportunity to negotiate and has to accept the terms on a take it or leave it basis.
16Supply Chain
Supply chain refers to the chain involved from 1) sourcing the supplies necessary for manufacturing of goods; 2) the manufacturing process; and then 3) the selling and distribution of the manufactured goods to the final customer. It is a term that gets used in a few different contexts and can also only refer to the logistics concerned in distribution of the products or the sourcing of spares and supplies as part of the supply process.
Tendering is a competitive process of making a proposal or expressing interest in providing goods, services, works. The tender then is evaluated against tender evaluation criteria and awarded to the successful tenderer. Click here to download our resource on the definition of tendering. Click here to download our resource on the key steps to tendering success.
18Unfair Contract Terms
Used in connection with the new law against unfair contract terms in standard form contracts, effective 12/11/2016 protecting small business. Examples of unfair contract terms include terms that: 1) favour only one party to avoid or limit their obligations under the contract; 2) allow only one party to terminate the contract; 3) penalise only one party for breaching or terminating the contract; 4) allows only one party to change the terms of the contract.
19Value for Money
A term often used in government procurement. In the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, it has the following meaning. Value for Money – in order to be able to make a recommendation about value for money, procurement must take into consideration whether the procurement will deliver best value for money by considering areas such as stakeholder requirements, budgets, relevant policies and the markets capacity to competitively respond. If this gate has been passed, then procurement has to consider whether the procurement outcome will deliver value for money. Things to consider are 1) Competitiveness/market related asking price 2) Ensuring that public resources are used wisely 3) Accountable and transparent decision making 4) Risks are well understood and managed 5) The procurement fits within the business requirement. 6) Takes into consideration both financial and non-financial criteria such as: a) Quality of the supply b) Fitness for purpose c) Experience and performance history d) Flexibility of proposal and innovation opportunities e) Sustainability f) Whole of life cost
The rules that apply in procurement and buying to make sure that processes are followed that are fair, transparent and ethical. Often used in government tenders.
21Social Procurement
Social procurement refers to the generation of social value through purchasing and procurement processes. It is a method to generate wider social benefits that links and combines social and economic outcomes. In Australia, this is often referred to in the context of procurement from Aboriginal Companies.


1Contract Checklist
Click here to download our form. Please note to obtain independent legal and professional advice if required.
2What is Procurement?
Click here to download our resource on the definition of procurement.
3Cost Savings
Click here to download our infographic with areas to focus on for finding cost savings.
4Procurement Framework Checklist
Click here to download our Procurement Framework Checklist.
5When to Use Procurement?
Click here to download our simple guideline on when you need procurement support as referenced in our Feb 16 newsletter.
6Western Australia Government Tenders
Click here to download our presentation with notes and tips. Please note that this presentation is my notes from the recent information session held by the Dept of Finance on WA Government quotes and tenders for goods and services. It does not represent the WA Government or Dept of Finance, nor does it replace the information workshops.
7What is Tendering?
Click here to download our resource on the definition of tendering. Click here to download our resource on the key steps to tendering success.
85 Tips for Outsourcing Your Tender Search
Click here to download our 5 tips for outsourcing your tender searching.
9Tender Checklist
Click here to download our form.
1010 Quick Tendering Tips
Click here to download our 10 Quick Tendering Tips.
11Risk Management Process
Click here to download our risk management process elements.

Useful Links A - L

1Aboriginal Business Directory WA
Check it out here
2Australian Tenders - Making Finding Tenders Easy
I have done quite a bit of work with Australian Tenders to date and am really impressed with their value for money service delivery. I certainly recommend that you check it out here.

Covering every state and territory in Australia, Australian Tenders provides in-depth and up-to-date information on tenders, contracts and subcontractor requests from all levels of government including local councils, regional councils, state and federal government organisations as well as many private and public companies.

Adding more than 500 new opportunities every week, the Australian Tenders research team have compiled a comprehensive database of up-to-date Australian tender opportunities on their website. Saving time and resources, the Australian Tenders website provides the latest industry news as well as information on current and future projects within Australia. Key benefits include: 1) Instant access to a database of over one thousand federal, state and local government as well as private tenders and awarded tender contracts; 2) Advanced, online, real-time tender search facility with the ability to create unlimited daily tender alerts to receive via email, customised by but not limited to business or product line; 3) Ability to save tender details and search criteria for later retrieval Tender opportunities based on your saved search criteria; 4) 3 different subscription packages to suit your business (Start Plan (1 user)/ Grow Plan (1-5 users)/ Expend Plan (1-30 users); 5) For buyers and/or advertisers – two options to list your tender advertisements which will include your logo and a description. No single source provides information about every tender opportunity available, but we recommend Australian Tenders for their knowledge, service levels and experience.
The Australian Government Tender System. Check it out and register here
4Business Foundations - Small Business Advice WA
This is a really great resources for small business and it provides advice and workshops on starting a business and growing your business. Workshops are very affordable and a great place to network with other small business owners. Check it out here
5Chamber of Commerce - WA
CCIWA is a not-for-profit, member driven organisation providing quality, cost- effective information, professional services and support for businesses. Check it out here
6Commonwealth Procurement Rules
The Commonwealth Supply Rules are the Government’s procurement policy framework. The overall objective is to design procurement rules that will ensure value for money through government procurement. Check it out here
72016 CPO Agenda

Reduce Purchase Costs, Improve Agility, and Become a Trusted Advisor

Check it out here

8Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy (DCSP)
The Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy (DCSP) is aimed at improving outcomes for in the Western Australians community services area following a partnership approach between the Public Authorities and the not-for-profit sector in the funding and contracting of sustainable community services in Western Australia. Check it out here The DCSP policy can be found here
9E-Commerce in China
Austrade's E-commerce in China: A Guide for Australian Business offers practical advice, facts and insights on how China’s e-commerce marketplaces work and how to access them. Check it out here
10Freedom of Information, WA
For more details on the Western Australian Freedom of Information Act and the Information Commissioner, click here
11Indigenous Procurement Policy
The Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) came into effect on 1 July 2015. The idea is to develop, grow and nurture Indigenous Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) throughout Australia. In essence, the policy has a number of parts to it. The IPP 1) sets targets for the number of contracts to be awarded to Indigenous business; 2) applies mandatory set-aside rules in certain instances; 3) sets mandatory minimums for Indigenous employment and supplier use in certain Commonwealth agreements; 4) enables Commonwealth buyers to purchase directly from Indigenous SMEs for contracts of any size and volume for Commonwealth contracts subject to CPR, through using what is referred to as an Exemption 17. Check it out here
12Innovation Agenda
Let the Ideas Boom! Details of the Australian Government's Innovation Agenda. Check it out here
13Blockchain - what is it?
Simple explanation of what blockchain is. Learn more here

Useful Links M - X

1Probity in Australian Government Tenders
Probity is the rules that apply to make sure that a due, fair, transparent and just processes are applied in government and buying. Doing right for the right reason. Check it out here
2NSW Government Procurement
The rules applying to New South Wales Government procurement. Check out general information on procurement here. Check out the NSW Procurement Policy Framework here. Read more about the NSW construction specific procurement requirements here.
3NSW Government Policy on Aboriginal Participation in Construction
The implementation of this policy is a key deliverable under the Aboriginal Economic Development Framework, an OCHRE connected initiative, which seeks to further empower Aboriginal people, communities and businesses to drive stronger economic outcomes. It will enable businesses in the construction sector to contribute to activities identified under the OCHRE industry based agreements and opportunity hubs. Check it out here
42016 Procurement Key Issues

2016 Procurement Key Issues

Check it out here

5Report on Misconduct Risk in Local Government Procurement
Corruption and bribery in local government procurement is a significant issue. Check it out here
62016 ROSMA Report: What Good Looks Like

Check it out here

7Results Based Accountability
This term is of relevance to any organisation that provides customer directed health care services. The link explains what it means. A useful guide for anyone involved in tendering for work as part of Australian directed customer healthcare services. Check it out here
8Safety Compliance Questionnaire for small business
Worksafe QLD has an useful checklist for working out your organisation's safety compliance. Check it out here
9SupplyNation - Indigenous Procurement Business Directory
Register of registered and certified Indigenous Businesses. Starting point for the Australian Government agencies as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses for their procurement teams to fulfill their targets under the new Indigenous Procurement Policy. Check it out here
10The Sleeping Giant - Indigenous Procurement
Interesting report on the social return on investment of Indigenous Procurement. Download the report here
11The World-Class Performance Advantage

Five Imperatives for Creating Greater Procurement Agility.

Check it out here

12WA Government Tenders
Check it out here
13WALGA E-Tendering Portal
The Western Australian Local Government Association's e-tendering portal for tender details of local council tenders. Check it out here
14Small Business in NSW: Our Story
This booklet, ‘Small Business in NSW: Our Story’ from the NSW Small Business Commissioner look into small business issues to provide an analysis of the small business sector, looking at issues such as the contribution of certain industries, the geographic spread and gender balance as well as other demographic indicators. Check it out here

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