Purchase Ichiban’s User-friendly Capability Statement Template and Guideline Today – Customer Focused for Better Results

Our user-friendly, do-it-yourself capability statement template and user guide have been developed to assist you to ultimately write a customer focused capability statement.

User Guideline

The purpose of the user guideline is to assist you with understanding what a capability statement is and provide you with a do-it-yourself guide to make it easier for you to prepare your own capability statement using our provided capability statement template.

Capability Statement Template

In addition to the user guide, our capability statement template is set up with the key areas to consider for your writing your capability statement.  Each section furthermore contains an explanation of the purpose of the section included and potential questions/brain teasers to assist you with formulating your specific capability statement.

What do you receive as part of our package?

As part of your purchase, you will receive three documents:

  1. Do-it-Yourself User Guide for completing your Capability Statement
  2. Capability Statement Template – Word document; and finally
  3. Capability Statement Template – PDF version

In the event that you have issues with downloading the documents, please contact us at Celia@IchibanCommercialSolutions.com.au.

Good luck with writing your own capability statement;  we also look forward to hearing more about your journey of success!

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$214.50 – Purchase Includes 10% tax