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 Your Capability Statement is about your Customer – More than it is about You or Your Business

There is a lot of focus on making capability statements, business brochures or portfolios look pretty.

However, the best looking capability statement may not deliver results unless you:

  • focus your capability statement on showing how you solve your customer’s problems;
  • show your customer that you are trustworthy and have credibility in the market place;
  • prove that your experience in solving a similar problem for similar customers; and
  • You can demonstrate that you deliver best value for money for your customers.

Quality content matters

Often business owners think that they can outsource the creation of their capability statement or other business marketing to a third party, such as a graphic designer, copywriter. It helps to do this – however, only when you have the right content.

Unfortunately, without quality content, spending money on content writers often result in wasted expenses and a costly exercise with little return.

And frustrating for both you and your copywriter.

As business owners we need to be really sure about:

  • who our customers are;
  • what their problem is (not what we think it is);
  • how we can solve their problem;
  • the best way to show the customers that we are capable to solve their problem; and
  • be very clear on why we deliver the best value for money for our customers.

It is all about our value proposition and how it benefits the customer.

We need to be clear on what our value proposition is and why the customer should pick us above our competitors.

Once we have this worked out, we can outsource the design and layout.

Accordingly it will all into place and not only be looking pretty but furthermore contain a very specific customer focused value proposition.

What is a capability statement?

Simply put – a  capability statement is a branding/marketing document that tells potential and existing customers who you are, what you can do for them and why your business cares to be the business that will solve their problem.

We focus too much on who WE are, how good WE are, what WE can do and why WE are the best.

It becomes so much about US that potential customers think:

What about ME? and MY problem.

I am the CUSTOMER after all!

What should be included in your Capability Statement?

Every capability statement is unique.

It is ultimately a representation of your unique business intellectual property and way of operating.

Therefore, your capability statement reflects how you will solve customer problems in your own way.

A capability statement contains information about your business and its:

  1. value proposition – showing an understanding of the customer problem, how to solve it and why it delivers best value for money;
  2. history, culture and values – building credibility and trust;
  3. customer experiences – what others say and why they come back;
  4. proven track record and successes – the proof lies in the pudding;
  5. leaders and team – you have the right people and resources;
  6. systems and processes – consistent customer service delivery;
  7. reach – what more there is about your business and interesting information such as awards; and finally
  8. company details – business details and contact details.

Make sure that your capability statement has a logical layout and flow that customers will understand.

Purchase Our Capability Statement Template and Guide

What do you receive as part of our package?

As part of your purchase, you will receive three documents:

  1. Do-it-Yourself User Guide for completing your Capability Statement
  2. Capability Statement Template – Word document; and finally
  3. Capability Statement Template – PDF version.

How much does it cost?

$199.00 including GST for the complete bundle.

Be focused

People connect with people.

Even when we work in the Business-to-Business space, we connect with people.

Therefore your capability statement should be focused on the reader not some business out there.

Often in business, it is the person who receives the mail who decides what is handed out and what ends into file 13.

Try and reach at least three people in an organisation, any less and your hard work and effort will probably go no further than the recycle bin.

Five Tips for a Quality Capability Statement

  • #1. Quality content matters.
  • #2. It’s all about the customer and placing yourself in the customer’s shoes.
  • #3. Your capability statement reflects your UNIQUE value proposition in a detailed, logical manner.
  •  #4. Focus on capturing the attention of at least three people in an organisation – make sure that your capability statement does not end in file 13.
  • #5. Review, revisit and refine on a regular basis. It is a dynamic, living document.

Contact us today if you have any questions about how to develop your capability statement or if you would like to purchase our capability statement template/guideline.

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