Aboriginal Business – The Right Procurement for the Right Reason

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Aboriginal Business : IPP - the right procurement for the right reason

Aboriginal Business: The Right Procurement for the Right Reason

I find great personal reward when working with Aboriginal business, assisting them to find the right value for money Indigenous procurement opportunities – working towards the right procurement for the right reason. In Western Australia there are a number of great Aboriginal businesses.

For example, Ochre Workforce Solutions solves business challenges by  recruiting, training and finding employment for people in many of Western Australia’s industries including mining, resources, energy, warehousing, hospitality and tourism sectors. These industries provide a wealth of employment opportunities for plant operators, skilled and unskilled labourers, hospitality and administrative staff, and more. It is also great to see that Ochre has managed to break down barriers and is working nationally.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Australian Government released the Indigenous Procurement Policy in July 2015. The idea is to develop, grow and nurture Indigenous Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) throughout Australia. The intent is to close the gap in indigenous economic outcomes by public and private sectors working together.

Some progress has been made on federal level as a result of the IPP, however at state level, specifically here in Western Australia much more needs to be done to further Indigenous procurement.

In a nutshell, the Indigenous Procurement Policy is about the right procurement for the right reason.

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The 4 W’s

In my model, it is about the 4 W’s for engaging with Aboriginal business. It is about:

  • The Why

  • The Who

  • The What

  • The Way.

You can also add another W – as in “the When”, but in this post we concentrate only on the 4 W’s of partnering with Aboriginal business.

The Why:

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Procurement Advice and Tendering Aboriginal Business

The Who:

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Procurement Advice and Tendering Aboriginal Business Who


The What:

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Procurement Advice and Tendering Aboriginal Business What


The Way:

Ichiban Commercial Solutions Procurement Advice and Tendering Aboriginal Business Way



Creating and developing capability and opportunities for indigenous procurement with Aboriginal business is a journey not a tick box exercise.

The Indigenous Procurement Policy is not about ticking boxes – it is about the journey after all.

Ochre ticks all of the boxes:

  • The Why:

Ochre solves business challenges by providing recruitment, training and employment opportunities for Indigenous people – working towards making a direct difference in closing the gap.

  • The Who:

Ochre is a 100% owned Indigenous SME  and registered with SupplyNation;

  • The What:

Ochre Workforce Solutions runs a full service recruitment and labour hire company which specialises in Indigenous employment. In addition, Ochre is certified as a Registered Training Organisation which allows it to offer a range of nationally accredited training.

  • The Way:

Delivering great results because of its wide range of capability, expertise, experience and capacity.

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In another nutshell:

The Right Procurement for the Right Reason with the Right Aboriginal Business.

and therefore:

Value for Money

Please visit the Ochre website to learn more.

Have a great day

Celia Jordaan

About Celia:

Celia Jordaan has 22 years international and corporate experience and worked in the areas of procurement, tenders, supply chain, contract management, law and risk. She works with business, procurement leaders and teams to develop and implement strategies to boost business performance, make tendering easy and improve bottom line performance.

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