4 Quick Tips for Improving Demonstrated Similar Experience

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4 Quick Tips for Improving your Demonstrated Similar Experience response in tendering to improve your tendering success. Read More

4 Quick Tips for Improving Your Demonstrated Similar Experience Answer in Tender Responses

For many businesses, tendering forms a core part of their business plan for growth. However, in particular small business, tendering takes a significant time. You must collate what you need and then also complete the qualitative criteria. One such qualitative question you can expect often is demonstrated similar experience.

When tackling how you are can best be demonstrating similar experience, remember:

  1. Not every client is the same;
  2. Every client certainly do not want to be seen to be “the same”.
  3. Remember every client (and prospective client) wants to be understood and be assured that you can work with them.

Tackle demonstrated similar experience like you would when you book your next holiday

Here in Western Australia, we have had hard borders for quite a while. Many people had to make do with what is available locally (that is good but it is not the Bali so many people prefer…).

With borders opening, people have to make wise decisions as to where they will go for their next big holiday.

If the start of the pandemic is anything to learn from, then people will be quite careful who they pick to book their holidays through, where they book it and what their contingency plans should be.

Selecting who should be the successful tenderer, is very similar decision tree as to when you are considering your next holiday:

  1. You need to be sure that your choice will work out well for you and deliver what you want to experience;
  2. Therefore, whoever you select will need to be trustworthy and must be able to demonstrate that it is the best choice to be made – especially when things go wrong;
  3. Furthermore, your decision will be based on your budget – how much money you have available and can spend;
  4. You will make sure that wherever you select, will actually deliver on what it promised to deliver.
  5. Holiday is not meant to be hard work – it should be easy and similarly working with you should not be hard work.

Finally, if:

  1. every holiday option looked the same, which one would you pick?
  2. the advert for the holiday looked sloppy and unprofessional – would you pick it?
  3. the holiday does not promise to deliver value for money – would you spend your budget on it?

4 Quick Tips to Demonstrating Similar Experience

Most of all, you want to remember your choice for the good memories, activities and experiences.

Therefore when you prepare your answer to this question, think about the impression you want to last.

#1. Strategically select the right examples

Showcase examples that clearly demonstrate your ability to deliver on the tender requirements, even when things go wrong.

#2. Demonstrate what is similar

If you leave gaps in the information you provide, how will the client know how your experience is similar to their requirements?

No need for an essay.

In fact, we use a table for responding to this criteria.  And depending on the type of business, we also add a carefully selected image demonstrating the required outcome.

#3. Showcase how your experience sets your business apart from your competitors

Tendering is a competitive process.

No different to all the holiday choices out there.

Consider how you can show your strong points and your value proposition in a manner that makes you stand out from the crowd.

#4. Make your experience count – to the benefit of the prospective client.

Your holiday – it is all about you and what you want.

Whatever you select, will make you feel that it will fit what you want and how you want it.

The choices are carefully put together so that it does draw you in.

Tenders are no different.

When you make the client feel that you are not only trustworthy but you really get  what the client needs, then your tender responses will hit the mark.

Rinse, Repeat and Customise

Now, it takes take to hit the mark. And maybe now you think:

This will take even longer! 

Not in our experience.

How do we make it easier?

We developed a table formats where you can build your tender response library.  A tender library helps you to take your information and customise it as need be for the specific tender.

Therefore, you can re-use the same information but update the specific client requirements for each different tender.

We sell these examples (with some hints and helpful information) at a respectable cost as we want you to succeed and allow us to recover costs.

About the Author:

Celia Jordaan has more than 30 years international and corporate experience and worked in the areas of procurement, tenders, supply chain, contract management, law and risk. She works with business of all sizes and industries, procurement leaders and teams to develop and implement strategies to boost business performance, make tendering easy and improve bottom line performance.

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